Mesa Boogie 2×12 Rectifier Diagonal Cabinet, Black Bronco


The 2×12 Rectifier Diagonal Cabinet is an entirely new design that delivers a fat, full response that is tight and balanced and provides the perfect host to any of our 23” (or smaller) heads.

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The Best Attributes of 2×12 Vertical and Horizontal Designs

Its “diagonal” speaker layout supplies the best attributes of horizontal and vertical designs, with both a wide horizontal spread to the audience AND a wide vertical spread for the performer to monitor off of, with the added benefit of being more compact and portable than our standard 2×12 vertical format. This cab is ideal for any player who loves the tone of a 2×12 closed-back cab with the most balanced horizontal and vertical spread.

  • • Built in Petaluma, California
  • • Marine Grade, Baltic Birch
  • • 8 Ohm Cabinet Impedance for optimum flexibility & performance
  • • Rear Mounted Speakers
  • • Closed-Back Design
  • • Vintage-Inspired Construction, Designed for Tone & Durability
  • • Premium Celestion Speakers
  • • Paralleled Mono Output Jack
  • • Slipcover
  • Standard Finish Options (no extra cost) Black Bronco Vinyl with Black Jute Grille & Black Piping
  • Corner Material Black Leather
  • Speakers Mounting Position 2X Celestion Vintage 30 / Rear Mounted
  • Wattage 120 Watts
  • Weight 51 lb.
  • Height 26.375″
  • Width 22.75″
  • Depth 14.25″