Mesa Boogie EL34 STR 450 Siemens NOS – Matched Pair Duet Power Tubes (Copy)


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The MESA® NOS SIEMENS EL-34 STR 450 is a German made, “A-grade” NOS (New Old Stock) Siemens EL-34. This legendary European EL-34 is known for its unsurpassed “bell-tone” clarity and touch sensitive sustain & articulation. Premier German engineering provides outstanding structural quality that makes this a toneful, consistent and reliable NOS classic.

Please note:
Quantities are limited – Purchasing limits may apply.
These tubes are not recommended for use in amps with plate voltages over 450 volts.
It isn’t uncommon for a grid leakage indication to appear when testing EL34s in certain tube testers. This does not indicate a failed condition for a guitar amplifier. Not all tube testers test for parameters relevant to a tube guitar amplifier.