Mesa Boogie 2×12 Vertical Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet


Big Cab Tone in a Compact Footprint

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Simply put, the 2×12 Ultra-Lite Rocks! With a blend of classic 10” punch and a warmth most never have enough of, the fullness and spread 15s are famous for, and finally, a musical, organic sounding midrange character that does plectrum styles true justice, this 2×12 may be the perfect choice for many players who want something unique. Subway Ultra-Light design applied here creates a viable, manageable option for big cab Tone in a compact footprint. Most who experience the 2×12 Ultra-Lite are immediately impressed with its giant sound and fullness. They are typically equally impressed with its light weight and portability. When used in tandem with a second 2×12, shocking depth, boldness and coverage are unveiled. Again, as with the other Subway compacts, combining the 2×12 with either 10s or 15s allows for complete customization of your Tone. Experience the new frontier of 2×12 Bass cabinetry the way only a Subway Ultra-Lite can offer.

  • Cabinet Material Light-Weight Italian Poplar
  • Corner Material Lexan
  • Styletype Tuned Front Ported Tri-Porting™ (2 x 4.85″ square x 4″ deep / port area = 48.0 sq. in.)
  • Cabinet Internal Volume 4.10 CF
  • Speakers Mounting Position Subway Neodymium Speakers / Front Mounted
  • High Frequency Horn Yes
  • Horn Control Premium Attenuator
  • Inputoutput Connectors 2 x SpeakOn-1/4″ (NL-4 combo)
  • Nominal Impedance 4 ohms (only)
  • Minimum Impedance @Frequency 3.91 ohms (@ 56.1 Hz)
  • Average Sensitivity (RMS) 50hz-1000hz 100.2dB/1W/1M
  • Average Mechanical Power (RMS) 50hz-1000hz 800 Watts
  • Minimum Mechanical Power (RMS) @Frequency 800 Watts (@ 74.3Hz)
  • Low Freq F3 (Hz) 57.0 Hz
  • Low Freq F6 (Hz) 49.1 Hz
  • Low Freq F10 (Hz) 43.5 Hz
  • High Freq Response >12kHz
  • Transport Assistance Optional (sold separately) – Track-Loc™ Removable Casters
  • Additional Features n/a
  • Weight 52 Lbs.
  • Height 28 1/4″
  • Width 19 1/4″
  • Depth 18 1/4″