Ibanez Big Mini Chromatic Tuner


In the process of designing six, seven, and eight string guitars for players who use all kinds of alternate tunings, we learned plenty about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to tuners.

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 Ibanez makes tuners that work—quickly, accurately, and with the reliability that performers have come to trust.


    • Product Name
    • Chromatic Tuner
    • Tuning Model/Note
    • Tuning mode:Needle / Strobe Drop tune: Flat 4 semitones
    • Tuning Range
    • A0(27.50Hz) – C8(4186Hz)
    • Callibration
    • A4 = 435 – 445 Hz
    • Power Supply
    • External DC 9 Volt AC Adapter (Use only DC 9V (Negative center pin))

    • W 53.5mm
    • D 93.5mm
    • H 50.0mm
    • Weight 170g