Basic Setup Restring

The basic setup of a fretted instrument starts at just $40.  There is quite a bit of fact and fiction regarding what a setup actually is, what it entails, and whether or not it is needed in your circumstance.  While it isn’t possible to answer every question without the guitar in question being examined, there are a few basics you can use to figure out if you should consider having yours looked at.

Repair2Is it difficult to make various chords on your guitar sound in-tune? Do chords clearly ring out? Is there a ‘spot’ you don’t play because it sounds bad?  Do you have to push the strings down a long way to make notes?

Answering yes to any of these probably means your guitar needs a new set of strings and any number of adjustments.  While this is an elementary way to look at the simple aspects of setup, it is still a good guide to start from when determining your needs.  A setup can and may include any of the following: neck and truss rod adjustments, bridge and saddle adjustments, nut slot and fitment adjustments, destringing and restringing, intonation adjustments, and so on.

No appointment is necessary to drop off a guitar for setup.  Come in and see how we can make your guitar play better and sound better today!


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