Mesa Boogie Switch-Track Buffered & Dual Isolated ABY Switcher


In stock and ready to ship from Bay Tunes Guitars is the brand new Switch-Track Buffered and Isolated ABY pedal from Mesa Boogie.  Finally, an ABY switcher built to the standards that serious musicians deserve!  Grab yours today!

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The Switch-Track™ provides either-or-both, A/B/Y switching for your favorite amplifiers. Select between two different amplifiers, two identical amps for more channels and sonic options, or combine them for a bigger, fuller sound, or a specific blended character. You can even connect a third, always-on amp using the buffered Tuner Out for Stereo Wet/Dry setups. The Switch-Track INPUT is buffered to prevent signal loss due to increased loading when both amplifiers are engaged. Both OUTPUTS are transformer isolated to eliminate amplifier input related ground loop issues and to provide unbalanced or balanced signals for longer than normal cable runs. The “B” OUTPUT’s Ground is default-lifted to eliminate Ground loops. The switching can be triggered at the unit itself in pedalboard applications or, MIDI IN & THRU jacks and a STORE button provide programming and remote control the SwitchTrack either from your pedalboard or built into a more advanced rack rig or system. The GROUND LIFT switch isolates the A Output (B is always isolated) while a PHASE invert switch (also MIDI controllable) “B” Output’s Phase relation to the “A” Output. The Two on-board footswitch buttons offer A or B and A+B (Y) or MUTE (press & hold for 2 seconds). For the most comprehensive and Tone-saving A/B/Y switching device, look on further than the Switch-Track™ Buffered and Isolated ABY Switcher.