Mesa Boogie 1×12″ 23″ Rectifier Series Cabinet


The 1×12 Rectifier 23″ Cabinet brings MESA’s former (and famous) “Widebody” 1×12 design to the closed-back Rectifier Series.

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Extra Low-End Punch That Rivals Larger Cabinets

This format packs extra low-end punch, rivaling that of larger 2×12 format cabs, and provides the perfect addition to any of our “medium” 23” head or combo amps. It’s the ideal choice for adding extra low-end depth and body to any of our 23” open-back combo amps. This cab is the perfect choice for any player looking for the largest 12” tone from a single 12” design.

• Built in Petaluma, California
• Marine Grade, Baltic Birch
• 8 Ohm Cabinet Impedance for optimum flexibility & performance
• Rear Mounted Speakers
• Closed-Back Designs
• Vintage-Inspired Construction, Designed for Tone & Durability
• Premium Celestion Speakers
• Paralleled Mono Output Jack
• Slip cover