Pre-Owned True North Tweed Drive Vintage Overdrive Pedal


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From its looks, you may have guessed that the True North Tweed Drive is a very amp-like overdrive, in the way it responds to your guitar. From a clean boost, to that vintage Tweed overdrive you get with the famous amp, this pedal will give you the amp growl that you are looking for! Plus, it’s 100% analog and true bypass.

The True North Tweed Drive Diode Switch flips between original diodes, and a pair of LEDs. The original diodes give a nice, low-to-mid gain drive. The pair of LEDs will give a beautiful, vintage amp-like fuzz, when the drive is cranked. When you roll back the volume on your guitar, the fuzz will clean right up. The Fat Switch is designed to boost some of the lower frequencies that can sometimes be missing in a single coil pickup guitar.


On/Off Light – when on, glows a soft, warm yellow/orange through the tweed material near the top middle.
Drive – Controls the amount of gain.
Volume – Controls the output level.
Tone – Controls how bright or dark your tone is.
Diode Switch – Down for lower gain, up for higher gain.
Fat Switch – Down for original, up for low end boost.