Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal


  • In very good condition
  • includes original box and sticker
  • box has a tear in one corner

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  • Combines elements of an Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer and a Vemuram Jan Ray
  • Tested by artists worldwide to achieve the best possible final sound
  • Retains the Tube Screamer’s mid bump, but infuses it with the Jan Ray’s clarity and headroom
  • Familiar Drive, Tone, and Level knobs supply primary sound shaping
  • Rear trim pots for dialing in your bass and saturation
  • Internal dip switches toggle between TS-style symmetrical and SD1-style asymmetrical clipping
  • No-compromise components, including several of Vemuram’s, ensure top-shelf sound
  • Gold-plated true bypass switch and gold-plated jacks
  • Carefully adjusted power capacitor
  • 4-layer circuit board instead of typical 2-layer design for reduced noise
  • Features a green-tinted brass body that shuts out static ribbon noise
  • Highly limited run