DigiTech DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal


  • In very good condition
  • includes pedal only
  • comes pre-installed with velcro

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DOD Looking Glass Overdrive

Cut through the mix and dial in any raunchy raw tone you desire

Versatile, intuitive pre-drive bass cut and post-drive treble controls

Allows you to retain clarity in the mix or dial in any raunchy raw tone you desire.

Unique input filter control

Allows the player to tame overly bright guitars and interacts with your guitar’s pickups to help you cut through the mix without shredding the audience’s ears.

Shape your tone from glassy boost and light overdrive to the psychedelic sounds of a vintage amp pushed to the brink of failure


The Looking Glass’ Input Filter control is passive and interacts nicely with your guitar’s electronics when not using a buffer in front of it. However, when using buffered pedals before the Looking Glass you may want to adjust the two internal DIP switches to darken the tone further. The left DIP switch increases the input impedance of the pedal. The right DIP switch engages a darker voicing of the Input Filter.